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FAQ: What are the limitations of the Aggregator sorted input option?

The PowerCenter sorted input option in an Aggregator transformation is ignored if any of the following conditions are true:

  • The aggregate expression uses nested aggregate functions.
  • The session uses incremental aggregation.

When any of these conditions are true, the Integration Service processes the transformation as if you do not use sorted input.

Nested aggregate functions

An aggregate expression can include one aggregate function nested within another aggregate function, such as:


Incremental aggregation

Using incremental aggregation, you can apply captured changes in the source to aggregate calculations in a session. If the source changes incrementally and you can capture changes, you can configure the session to process those changes.
This allows the Integration Service to update the target incrementally, rather than forcing it to process the entire source and recalculate the same data each time you run the session.

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"Aggregate Expressions" and "Using Sorted Input" in "Aggregator Transformation" chapter of the PowerCenter Transformation Guide


Last Modified Date:1/6/2012 7:14 AMID:20369
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