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FAQ: What kind of changes made to reusable transformations will invalidate mappings that use them?

Changes to a reusable transformation that you enter through the Transformation Developer are immediately reflected in all instances of that transformation. While this feature is a powerful way to save work and enforce standards (for example, by publishing the official version of a depreciation calculation through a reusable transformation), you risk invalidating mappings when you modify a reusable transformation.

To see what mappings, mapplets, or shortcuts may be affected by changes you make to a transformation, select the transformation in the workspace or Navigator, right-click, and select View Dependencies.

If you make any of the following changes to the reusable transformation, mappings that use instances of it may be invalidated:

  • When you delete a port or multiple ports in a transformation, you disconnect the instance from part or all of the data flow through the mapping.
  • When you change a port datatype, you make it impossible to map data from that port to another port using an incompatible datatype.
  • When you change a port name, expressions that refer to the port are no longer valid.
  • When you enter an invalid expression in the reusable transformation, mappings that use the transformation are no longer valid. The PowerCenter Server cannot run sessions based on invalid mappings.

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"Working with Transformations" in PowerCenter Transformation Guide


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