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HOW TO: Determine when to use quotes strings inside an Expression transformation and Lookup SQL override

In Expression Transformation, you should not use quote for mapping parameters/ variables and use quote for strings because mapping parameters/variables needs to be expanded by Integration service.


REPLACESTR (0, SNAME, 'tel3', $$TARGET_SYSTEM||'tel3')

In above example, the mapping parameter and variable like $$TARGET_SYSTEM should not be within quotes and string like tel3 should be within quotes.

In a Lookup transformation, you should quote strings, Mapping parameters/Variables and not the Database reserved words. The Lookup override is sent to database and database server does no understand mapping parameters/variables (since they are PowerCenter reserved words.)


SELECT price1, price2 FROM WHERE Date BETWEEN '$$BeginBillDate' AND '$$EndBillDate'

In the above example, you should not quote Database reserved words like BETWEEN, WHERE and quote mapping variables like $$BeginBillDate.

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Product: PowerCenter
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User Type: Administrator
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Product Version: PowerCenter 7.1.x; PowerCenter 8.1.x; PowerCenter 8.5; PowerCenter 8.5.1; PowerCenter 8.6; PowerCenter 8.6.1
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