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FAQ: What are the .bak files generated in the Cache directory when you use "Re-cache from lookup source"?

When you configure a lookup with Persistent Cache to Re-cache from lookup source, PowerCenter generates .bak files to store a backup of the existing lookup cache. If the session fails, PowerCenter is able to restore the original lookup cache from the backup files. After the session run, PowerCenter cleans up all the generated .bak files.


If a session fails while re-caching, PowerCenter restores the backup files to the .dat/.idx files.

The session log shows the following:

Cache files lookup_cache.[dat/idx] for Lookup [LKPTRANS] are being restored from backup as the session failed.

More Information

This is the default behavior of PowerCenter and cannot be changed. In case of large lookup cache files, you can modfy the files by using a command task. This will save a lot of storage space being used by the backup.

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Last Modified Date:8/5/2009 4:04 AMID:105995
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