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FAQ: Why are incorrect results returned in the USA population with Chinese data in the Address details when making an MDM SearchMatch call or an IDD Extended Search?
The Master Data Management (MDM) SearchMatch call or Informatica Data Director (IDD) Extended Search does not return correct results in the USA population with Chinese data in the Address details.


 name = Informatica corporation
 address line1 = 大连市
This data is matching with the following record: 
name = Informatica
address line1 = Redwood City
The address line1 value does not match in the records, however, in the results returned, they are considered as a match.

The reason for this is, in the USA population, when you provide Chinese records, it is considered as a NULL value. In Fuzzy logic, if you have NULL values in any of the match fields, it matches with non-NULL values (NULL Matching Non-NULL).
The USA population is a Latin based population (character set: ISO-LATIN-1). Therefore, Unicode data is not handled in the USA population. When you have Chinese data to parse by USA population, it considers this value as NULL.
As per NULL Matching Non-NULL nature of Fuzzy logic, the above data is considered as a match. Thus, it does not translate and perform the match here. When you use the Chinese population here, then it returns appropriate results.

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Applies To
Product: MDM Multidomain
Problem Type: Product Feature; Sizing; Configuration
User Type: Business Analyst; Developer
Project Phase: Configure; Implement; Onboard
Product Version: MDM Multidomain Edition
Operating System:
Other Software:



Last Modified Date:6/2/2020 8:52 PMID:146575
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