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FAQ: Is it possible to use a default domain setting while using External authentication in MDM?

​Yes, it is possible.


When using External authentication (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)) in Master Data Management (MDM), is there a way in the product to set the domain to a default setting so that it does not need to be entered while logging in a user?



All the users at Organization are in the hk\ domain. Therefore, all usernames are of the format hk\john, and so on. To avoid entering the username like hk\john every time, when logging into the MDM Hub Console, set the default domain as follows, so that the username can be entered directly, that is, john


You can default the hk\ portion in MDM using the username.prefix property.



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Product: MDM Multidomain
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Architect
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version: MDM
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Last Modified Date:6/2/2020 9:22 PMID:150195
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