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FAQ: Is it possible to migrate roles and privileges from one environment to another in PowerCenter?
Roles and privileges can only be migrated using the BackupDomain/RestoreDomain commands. 

The BackupDomain command will back up all the users and groups, and the assigned roles and privileges of the users. 

Other commands such as ExportDomainObjects/ImportDomainObjects, and exportusersandgroups/importusersandgroups will not export/import roles and privileges.

We have raised a FR 403693 to support users and groups migration across domain and will be fixed in a future release based on the product management decision.

You can only export/import users and group not connection and roles through command " isp ExportUsersAndGroups/ImportUsersAndGroups"
So, here you need to manually provide authorization to folder and connections.

If both the domains are in the same version, then, you can export/import all the objects likes users, groups, connections, and roles through the command " isp ImportDomainObjects/ExportDomainObjects".

To know more about the command, check the below help guide:

Open any PowerCenter client --> Help --> Contents --> Command Reference --> Infacmd isp Command Reference --> ImportDomainObjects/ExportDomainObjects/ExportUsersAndGroups/ImportUsersAndGroups​

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Last Modified Date:9/15/2020 11:43 PMID:503791
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