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FAQ: What are the probable status 'consoleAgentManager.bat getStatus' command can fetch?

'consoleAgentManager' is used for configuring & status check of runtime environment.
The following are the probable status 'consoleAgentManager.bat getStatus' can get you,

Status Description
INITIALIZING ​Not ready for service. Internal state is not reliable.
​NO_CONNECTIVITY ​No connectivity to the Informatica Cloud
​SERVER_NOT_AVAILABLE Connectivity to Informatica Cloud is available but the Service Service is not available.
NOT_CONFIGURED​ ​The user has not entered correct Informatica Cloud credential to get Org's information Or the Agent is still not configured.
CONFIGURATION_ERROR​ ​The agent cannot be identified by the server.
CHANNEL_ERROR​ ​Secure agent is not able to set the Channel between secure agent and the Informatica cloud server.
UPGRADING​ Agent Server is upgrading.
WAIT_FOR_RESOURCE_RELEASE​ ​Waiting for other threads to notify that the resources of the agent are released
READY​ ​RMI registry created, Agent Core ready to service RMI request
NOT_ALL_SERVICES_ARE_RUNNING_OR_STOPPED​ ​when Agentcore is running, but not all the services are in expected state
DEINITIALIZING​ ​In the process of shutting down Agent Core
AGENT_COUNT_LIMIT_REACHED​ ​The org's secure agent count has reached the limit


More Information

Applies To
Product: Cloud Data Integration
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:



Last Modified Date:3/31/2020 12:15 PMID:519469
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