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FAQ: Can we change the default cache or UM Store directory path in the PMPC console?

Currently, you don't have a feature to configure the path for cache or UMStore directory in PMPC.

However, you can configure UMStored to consume less cache space by configuring lbmstore.xml file as mentioned below:

Edit <RULEPOINT_HOME>/conf/lbmstore.xml as follows:

Find the TWO lines with “preallocate” and change the value to “0” as follows:


<option type="store" name="repository-disk-file-preallocate" value="1"/>


<option type="store" name="repository-disk-file-preallocate" value="0"/>

    a) <ProactiveMonitoring>/bin/ stop
    b)  Remove the cache folders (you can delete the folder itself, it will get recreated during startup)
        1) <ProactiveMonitoring>/rulepoint/lbmrd.Default_UM-Lbmrd
        2) <ProactiveMonitoring>/rulepoint/nodeagent_<hostname>
        3) <ProactiveMonitoring>/rulepoint/stored.Default_UM-Store
        4) <ProactiveMonitoring>/rulepoint/felixcache 

        5) <ProactiveMonitoring>/rulepoint\felixcache_1 
    c) <ProactiveMonitoring>/bin/ start

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Applies To
Product: Complex Event Processing
Problem Type: Product Feature
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Optimize
Product Version: Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Operations and PowerCenter Governance 3.0
Operating System:
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Last Modified Date:6/19/2020 5:34 AMID:526765
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