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FAQ: What utility would help in determining which PowerCenter mappings can be executed in Hadoop Environment using Informatica DEI?

Informatica Data Engineering Integration (DEI), earlier known as 'Big Data Management' (BDM), supports execution of mappings in the Hadoop Environment. For running mappings in Hadoop Environments, one of the following execution engines can be chosen: 

  1. Spark Engine
  2. Blaze Engine
  3. Hive Engine ('Map Reduce' or 'Tez' modes)  (Available in Pre-Informatica 10.2.2 versions and not available from Informatica 10.2.2 version onwards)​

When mappings are available in Informatica PowerCenter, then for executing the mappings in Hadoop Environment, it would be required to export them from 'Repository service' (RS) and import into 'Model Repository Service' (MRS). As all the PowerCenter Repository service objects (connections/transformations/workflows etc..) are not directly supported by Model Repository service, it is recommended to run 'infacmd ipc genReuseReportFromPC' command to estimate the following:


  • PowerCenter mappings that can be run directly in Hadoop Environment, without any modifications.
  • PowerCenter Mappings components that would require changes for running in Hadoop Environment.


Syntax ipc genReuseReportFromPC -h <domain_host> -o <domain_port> -n <domain_username> -x <domain_user_password> -s <security_domain> -r <pc_repository_name> -f <pc_folder_names> -srel <source_informatica_version> -cp <pc_repository_code_page> -td <report_target_directory> -at <authentication_type> -lf <log_file_name>


'genReuseReportFromPC' command can be executed from Informatica Server machine or from Windows client machine. Reports can be generated in PDF or Excel file formats.  For more information, refer the following to the following documentation, depending on the Informatica version:

INFA Version

Documentation Link


10.2.2 HF1



10.2.0 HF1


10.1.1 HF1




More Information
In certain cases, it would be required to increase the Maximum Heap memory configuration (xmx) in the 'infacmd ipc genReuseReportFromPC' command execution to complete successfully.




if [ -z "${ICMD_JAVA_OPTS}" ]; then

# set default heap size to 512m

ICMD_JAVA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx3072m"



Applies To
Product: Data Engineering Integration(Big Data Management); Data Quality; PowerCenter; Data Engineering Quality(Big Data Quality)
Problem Type: Configuration; Product Feature; Connectivity
User Type: Administrator; Developer
Project Phase: Implement; Optimize; Onboard
Product Version: Informatica 10.1; Informatica 10.1.1; HotFix; Informatica 10.2; Informatica 10.2.1; Informatica 10.2.1 Service Pack 1; Informatica 10.2.2; Informatica 10.4
Operating System:
Other Software:



Last Modified Date:3/8/2020 10:27 PMID:526889
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