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FAQ: Is it possible to use different YARN queues for running different jobs with Blaze Engine in Informatica BDM?
Informatica BDM supports execution of mappings in the Hadoop Environment. For running mappings in Hadoop Environments, one of the following execution engines can be chosen:


  1. Spark Engine
  2. Blaze Engine
  3. Hive Engine ('Map Reduce' or 'Tez' modes)  (Available in Pre-Informatica 10.2.2 versions and not available from Informatica 10.2.2 version onwards)


Informatica Blaze engine integrates with Apache Hadoop YARN to provide intelligent data pipelining, job partitioning, job recovery, and high-performance scaling. Blaze Engine consists of 'Blaze Grid Manager' and 'Blaze Job Monitor' applications, which would be running in one of the Hadoop Data Node machines.


It would be possible to configure the YARN queue that should be used for running Blaze Grid Manager application and hence, all the Blaze Engine jobs. All the Blaze Engine jobs would be using the same YARN queue, used by the Blaze Grid Manager application. For more information on configuring YARN Queue to be used with Blaze Engine, refer to KB 531589.



However, it would not be possible to use different queues for running different jobs with Blaze Engine, while it has been already started and using a specific YARN Queue.

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Applies To
Product: Data Engineering Integration(Big Data Management); Data Engineering Quality(Big Data Quality); Enterprise Data Preparation
Problem Type: Configuration; Sizing
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Configure; Onboard
Product Version: Informatica 10.1.1; HotFix; Informatica 10.2; Informatica 10.2.1
Operating System:
Other Software:



Last Modified Date:7/21/2019 7:28 AMID:532962
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