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How to configure PowerExchange CDC publisher to send/distribute messages to multiple partitions in a Kafka Topic?
When the Publisher is configured for “guaranteed delivery” (Connector.kafkaProducerGuaranteeDelivery =True), all messages are sent to exactly one Kafka topic and partition

To allow CDC Publisher to support multiple partitions in the targets topics, configure the following properties in the Connector configuration file, cdcPublisherKafka.cfg:

If you disable 'Guaranteed delivery' and use default -1 for kafkaProducerPartitionID, KAFKA assigns the partition (Publisher is effectively providing no partition).

When Kafka assigns the partition, it uses the message key.   If there is No message key, Kafka assigns messages in round-robin to the available partitions of a Topic.

If there is a message key, Kafka assigns partition based on the Hash key value from the messages. 

Note: If you allow CDC Publisher to write messages to multiple partitions in any target topic, the order in which changes were retrieved from the source is not maintained when writing messages to the target topics. 

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Product: PowerExchange
Problem Type: Configuration; Product Feature
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Last Modified Date:9/20/2019 9:19 AMID:533920
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