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FAQ: What kind of information could we expect through activity mails in Axon?

In Axon Data governance, you could choose to receive email notifications if Axon is configured to work with the email system of your organization. You could choose to either receive automated emails based on specific events or on a regular basis. 

If another Axon user shares a search with you, you are automatically informed of the shared search by email.


You can choose to receive regular emails that inform what is happening in your Axon account. To manage the emails, open the object in the People facet and go to the Activity Stream tab. 

The Super Admin can configure Axon to send email notifications whenever a task is assigned to the users.

Axon displays the following information in the notification emails:


Updates about the removal of links from Enterprise Data Catalog

Role acceptances awaiting approval

Pending workflow actions. Includes discussions that you are part of and you have not yet contributed to

A summary of changes that a user has made to an object where you are either the stakeholder or a follower. If you are part of a change request where you have been assigned a role, the content of the notification email could vary based on whether the role is included in the underlying workflow

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Applies To
Product: Axon Data Governance
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Administrator; Architect
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version: Axon 5.1; Axon 5.2; Axon 5.3; Axon 6.0; Axon 5.4; Axon 6.1; Axon 6.2; Axon 6.3; Axon 7.0
Operating System:
Other Software:



Last Modified Date:6/24/2020 9:06 AMID:534602
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