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FAQ: What Emergency Bug Fix (EBF) is required to use MapR 6.0 with MEP 5.0 for Big Data Management 10.2.1?
The GA release of Big Data Management 10.2.1 supports MapR 6.0 with MEP 4.0. To use MapR 6.0 with MEP 5.0, download and apply EBF-12085. This patch is available for download from the TSFTP site at /updates/Informatica10/10.2.1/EBF-12085/​.

This EBF addresses the following issue:
  • BDM-18148 - PAM support for MapR 6.0 with MEP 5.0

Known Limitation




When a lookup mapping runs on the Blaze engine on MapR 6.0 with an MEP 5.0 cluster, the mapping fails with an access control exception like:

User <user ID> (user id nnnnn) does not have access to /blaze/workdir/<path>

This error occurs when the mapping runs with an impersonation user that is different from the system user. To avoid this error, use the system user to run the mapping.



The system user, which is the same as the Data Integration Service user, is aabaco. A mapping runs with a different impersonation user, bonono, and fails. To avoid this error, run with the system user, aabaco.

More Information
​For more information about supported versions, see the Product Availability Matrix on the Informatica Customer Portal:


For more information about steps to upgrade Big Data Management and integrate it with Hadoop distributions, see the Big Data Management Hadoop Integration Guide on the Informatica Customer Portal:

To download an EBF from the TSFTP site:
  1. Log in to
  2. Click HotFix Downloads.
  3. Click the EBF Download tab.
  4. Use the search box to search for an EBF. For example, enter EBF-12085.
  5. Download the EBF archive file, which will have a filename like EBF-<number>.<os>.tar.gz.
    For example, EBF-12085.Linux64-X86.tar.gz or EBF-12085.Suse-X64.tar.gz

Applies To
Product: Data Engineering Integration(Big Data Management)
Problem Type:
User Type: Architect; Business Analyst
Project Phase:
Product Version: Big Data Management 10.2.1
Operating System:
Other Software:



Last Modified Date:10/4/2018 9:36 PMID:553273
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