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FAQ: What are the steps to be performed when Domain Custom Property is not getting set in Admin Console?
Perform the following points:
  1. Log in to Informatica Administrator.
  2. Under Service and Node, Domain > Properties tab > Custom Properties option, click on the pen icon and add the custom property name and value and click OK.
  3. The domain property should get updated and take effect after the Domain restart.
  4. If the property is not getting set, run the infacmd command to update the custom property as given in KB 160073 for example.
  5. For resolving the Admin Console UI issue, collect the following and contact Global customer support team:

    • Har Report
    • Screenshot/screen recording collected during the update operation
    • Domain log
    • Admin Console logs
    • Admin Console symphony logs

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Product: PowerCenter
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Product Version: Informatica 10.0
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Last Modified Date:1/10/2019 3:03 AMID:565670
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