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FAQ: How to Search API Overview in MDM 10.3
In Master Data Management (MDM) 10.3, queries can only be created per business entity. This contrasts with how they were functioned in the past, which allowed multiple business entity parameters to be a part of a single query. ​There are two types of search queries:
  • Exact
  • Fuzzy
Exact search:

Exact search queries are constructed using attributes of a business entity as parameters. 
Syntax of an Exact search query is as follows:

- cmx/cs/{ORS Name}/{Business Entity}.json?/action=query/&{filter parameters}

These all start with ‘http://localhost:8080/’

Exact search with multiple parameters:

- cmx/cs/ORS_Customer_Sample/Person.json?action=query&filter=firstName=’JIM’ AND lastName=’John’

Fuzzy search:

The parameters of a Fuzzy search query are constructed using fields from a match rule set.
Values passed into the parameters are matched using SSAName3.

Syntax of a Fuzzy search query:

- cmx/cs/{ORS Name}/{Business Entity}.json?/action=match/&{fuzzyFilter parameters}

Fuzzy search with multiple parameters:

- cmx/cs/ORS_Customer_Sample/Person.json?action=match& fuzzyFilter=displayName=John,Addresses.Address.cityName=TROY

Other instances: 
  • Search with a single parameter:
- cmx/cs/ORS_Customer_Sample/Person.json?action=query&filter=firstName=JIM
  • Search value with space:
- cmx/cs/ORS_Customer_Sample/Person.json?action=query&filter=displayName='JODI BARBER'
  • Search with a wildcard:
- cmx/cs/ORS_Customer_Sample/Person.json?action=query&filter=firstName=’J*’

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