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FAQ: Can we use Dynamic Data Masking 9.9 with Informatica Secure@Source?
You can use Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) to mask columns or block requests to a table that Secure@Source (S@S) has identified as sensitive. 

From S@S, export a CSV file that contains information about a particular data store. 

When you import the CSV file in DDM, it identifies which columns in the data store tables are protected by a security rule in DDM. If a column is not protected by any security rule, you can apply a security rule at the column level or block requests to the table at the table level.

If you use S@S in addition to DDM, you can export details about a specific datastore from S@S as a CSV file. 
  • Export the DataStoreDetails.csv file from the Sensitive Fields page in S@S. The DataStoreDetails.csv file includes fields that the database scan in S@S identified as sensitive. 
  • If you try to import any CSV file other than the DataStoreDetails.csv file exported by S@S corresponding to that data store, the import fails.
  • After you export the DataStoreDetails.csv file from S@S, import it in DDM. 
  • When you import the file, DDM determines which columns in the data store are protected by a security rule already defined in Dynamic Data Masking. If all of the sensitive columns are protected by DDM, we receive a message that "All the columns are protected."
  • For any unprotected columns, you can choose to apply a masking action or block all requests to the table. 
  • When you apply a masking action or block requests to the table, DDM creates a rule based on the action selected. 
  • If you choose the block action, DDM creates a rule for every table name displayed in the table list. 
  • If you choose a masking action, DDM creates a rule for every column name displayed in the table list. DDM uses the From Clause Object matcher to match the column using the table name.

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Product: Dynamic Data Masking
Problem Type: Configuration; Product Feature
User Type: Developer
Project Phase: Configure; Implement
Product Version: Dynamic Data Masking 9.9; Secure@Source 5.0
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