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FAQ: What are the steps for reverse masking and updating the masked columns is DDM?
This is the designed behavior of DDM where you cannot update based on the masked column:
For example,

Original database:
select * from table1
ID  Name cc_num
1   A     1234
With DDM:
select * from table1
ID   Name cc_num
1   A     5678
update table1 set name='B' where cc_num='5678' --------Doesn't work because of the designed behavior of DDM which cannot update based on the masked column
update table1 set name='B' where cc_num='1234' -------Works because it searches the source database with the actual column value but this defies the whole logic of security and the usage of DDM. 
update table1 set name='B' where id=1 ----------- Works if ID is not included in any of the security rules configured in DDM.

If any column is configured in the security rules for DDM, then DDM cannot update based on those columns.

Attached is the rule export.

More Information

Applies To
Product: Dynamic Data Masking
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Developer; Administrator
Project Phase: Implement; Configure; Onboard
Product Version: Dynamic Data Masking 9.8.4
Operating System:
Other Software:



Last Modified Date:3/22/2020 11:59 PMID:578891
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