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Is PowerExchange zIIP support helpful to reduce CPU MIPS for PowerExchange bulk or CDC NRDB sessions?
zIIP cannot be exploited for reading or writing sequential files. zIIP is intended for processing which tends to be CPU intensive. 
Areas associated specifically to I/O would not normally be of interest to zIIP. 

Currently PowerExchanges ability to exploit zIIP is limited to few areas: 

a) When reading a DB2 Image Copy, which is compressed, the decompression of the rows is done using a zIIP.

b) TCP takes advantage of zIIP in some internal processing related to moving data from one location, where the source provides it, to another, so it can send across the network, is done using a zIIP.  This is currently only the case for DB2.

If your intention is to save the MIPS on z/OS, you can try offloading feature where the processing would be offloaded to the Informatica server. Pelase note that the informatica server should be powerful enough to take this load.

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Product: PowerExchange
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Administrator; Developer
Project Phase: Optimize
Product Version:
Operating System: z/OS
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Last Modified Date:7/16/2019 7:51 AMID:579418
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