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FAQ: What is the significance of nodeagent process in the PMPC?

The PMPC Nodeagent process is a small Java process that runs on a server machine to collect process status (running or down).  The nodeagent process will collect CPU, memory, and disk space usage statistics from the server machine and send it to the PMPC database where it saves this data and then after processing the data it can be used to generate alerts like, "CPU usage on server XX exceeds 90%...".


Usually the nodeagent process is ran on the Informatica PowerCenter Server after installing PMPC and then the file is copied to required server machine. It is not necessary to run the nodeagent process on the Informatica server machine if you want to monitor the CPU, memory usage from any other machine, you need to run the process from the respective server and add the host in the PMPC console.

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