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FAQ: How to improve performance when using Lookup transformation in IICS?
To improve performance when using Lookup transformation in IICS, do the following:
  1. Sort the data before sending to Lookup Transformation or use Lookup SQL Override where the query included Order By clause.
  2. Make sure that $pmcachedir is a local directory.
  3. Enable Lookup Cache Enabled under Advance properties.
  4. Set a value for Lookup Data Cache Size and Lookup Index Cache Size instead of Auto. Make sure to add a value which is suitable for the total number of records coming to Lookup transformation.
  5. Ensure that source fields do not have any fields with High Precision. 
For instance, if any of the source fields have precision set as 32000, try to reduce the precision and run the task.

More Information
​The above options are only to improve performance with Lookup Transformation in IICS. Please check the session logs and if the issue is noticed at the lookup step then users can try the above mentioned steps.

Applies To
Product: Cloud Data Integration
Problem Type: Performance
User Type: Architect
Project Phase: Optimize
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:



Last Modified Date:9/15/2019 10:22 PMID:592922
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