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FAQ: How can I tune the node manager configuration in an HortonWorks Hadoop cluster for Enterprise Data Catalog, when the node manager process uses more than two cores and high server CPU utilization is observed?
​In Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC), You can tune the node manager configuration if the node manager Java heap size is lower than 1024 MB.

To increase the heap size, perform the following steps:
  1. In Informatica Administrator, stop the Catalog Service.
  2. In the Ambari web console, click YARN.
  3. In the YARN section, click the CONFIGS >> ADVANCED tab.
  4. Change the Node Manager Java Heap Size value to 1024 (in MB).
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Refresh YARN.
  7. Click Restart >> Restart All Affected.
  8. In the Administrator tool, start the Catalog Service.

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Product: Enterprise Data Catalog
Problem Type: Performance
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Optimize
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Last Modified Date:2/19/2020 3:26 AMID:617346
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