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FAQ: Is IIR compatible with Sybase?
A source only database is connected to using ODBC and has the restriction that you can read from it, however, it cannot use triggers or create IDTs / IDXes etc. So updates have to be handled using the API or NSA methods. Any attempt to use it as a target will get errors such as Generic ODBC source access does not support target DB operation.

Also, note that both MySQL and Sybase are not officially supported but we did not remove the code that supported them. It may still work to the versions when last tested (Sybase has been removed from PAM some time ago and MySQL was supported up to about version 5.5). Sybase and MySQL had more limited trigger support as well. 

Due to these limitations and the fact that Sybase is now an SAP product (since 2014) and may have a different identification code (which means IIR would only support it as an Unknown database type or source only database) it is better not to try and use it as a target even if IIR allows it. Sybase looks like it is the end of life by SAP as well.

Generic ODBC Databases

Generic ODBC drivers may be used to access ODBC compliant databases for the unsynchronized source access.
The ODBC drivers for your DBMS must be installed and configured appropriately prior to the installation of MDM-RE. %SSABIN%\odbc.ini must be configured to include an entry for each Data Source Name. Refer to section ODBC Configuration on page 41.
The last version to have Sybase support was 9.0.1, find the attached document.

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