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FAQ: What are the different ways to specify interfaces for the UM unicast resolver daemon (LBMRD)?

1. Starting in UM6.12, the lbmrd interface can be specified as a simple IP addresses, a CIDR network specification (e.g., a quoted device name (e.g. "eth0"), or a DNS host name. The lbmrd will report an error if an invalid interface specification is configured. Prior to UM6.12, the lbmrd daemon could only be configured via address and port.  


#Starting LBMRD using IP

lbmrd -i -p 13000 

#Starting LBMRD using CIDR

lbmrd -i -p 13000 

#Starting LBMRD using interface name

lbmrd -i "p2p1" -p 13000 

#Starting LBMRD using DNS​ host name

lbmrd -i -p 13000

2. Application can also specify DNS host names when configuring resolver daemons using the resolver_unicast_daemon context configuration. CIDR notation for resolver_unicast_daemon however, is not supported as of UM6.12.  


context resolver_unicast_daemon

More Information
If the LBMRD process is started using interface name and if the interface IP address changes after a NIC/system restart, the UM applications would not be able to find the LBMRD, which would affect the entire topic resolution process.

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