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HOW TO: Validate a SQL Override query using a database view

One way to validate the SQL Override in a Source or Lookup is to create a view from the SQL in the database then import this view as a source and compare the two objects.

  1. Create a view in the database based on the SQL Override.

    1. Take the SQL in the Override (Source or Lookup object, Mapping or Session level).
    2. In the database use the CREATE VIEW command to create the view based on the SQL from the Override.

  2. Create a Source Definition in the Repository.

    1. In Designer connect to the Repository and open the folder that contains the original Source or Lookup.
    2. Import the View from the database and create a Source Definition in Source Analyzer.
      The new source definition will be created based on the column datatypes and sizes returned by the SELECT clause in the view.

  3. Compare the Source based on the view with the original Source or Lookup.

    1. Open the original source definition and the source definition based on the view in Source Analyzer.
    2. Compare the sources using the Sources > Compare option.

More Information
For more information on comparing objects refer to the "Comparing Objects" chapter in documentation.
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