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FAQ: Can a PowerCenter session be configured to build lookup caches concurrently?

The Integration Service can build lookup caches for multiple connected Lookup transformations concurrently.
This can improve performance in sessions which are currently using sequential caching.
The concurrent caching for multiple lookup transformations can be configured using the session level attribute Additional Concurrent Pipelines for Lookup Cache Creation which is part of the session config object.

When performing concurrent caching, the Integration Service can also start building the cache as soon as the session starts and does not need to wait for data to reach the Lookup transformation. It does not wait for upstream transformations to complete before it creates lookup caches, and it does not need to finish building a lookup cache before it can begin building other lookup caches.

For new PowerCenter new sessions this attribute is set to "Auto" and in this case Integration service will automatically determine an appropriate value.
For upgraded sessions the value is set to zero and this feature is disabled, but it can be changed from zero ("0") to auto or something larger than zero.

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The unconnected Lookup transformation cache is always built sequential, regardless of value specified.

For further details regarding this feature with illustrations refer to "Building Connected Lookup Caches" under "Lookup Caches" in the PowerCenter Transformation Guide.
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