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Debugging the Java Transformation with Eclipse

Complete the following steps to debug the java code of Java transformations in an Eclipse environment:

  1. In the PowerCenter Administration Console, set the following custom properties for the Integration Service Process

    JVMOption1 = -Xdebug

    JVMOption2 = -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=8300,server=y,suspend=n

  2. In Eclipse, create a package named com.informatica.powercenter.server.jtx

  3. In Eclipse, create a class named JTXPartitionDriverImplGen

  4. In the PowerCenter Designer, copy the source code of the Java transformation you want to debug.

    To view the source code, go to the Java Code tab of the Java transformation and then select the full code option.

  5. Paste the source code into Eclipse.

  6. In Eclipse, create a Remote Java Application.
    To create a remote java application, select the class you created, click debug, right-click on Remote Java Application, and then choose New.
    Configure the host and port.

    Note: Configure the port number to be the same as the address parameter you defined in the JVMOption2 custom property.

  7. In the PowerCenter Workflow Manager, start the workflow that includes the java transformation you want to debug.

  8. In Eclipse, set breakpoints within the Java code.

  9. In Eclipse, start the JVM session.

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