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HOW TO: Parameterize the endpoint URL for Web Service Consumer transformation in PowerCenter 8.5 and above versions

In a Web Service Consumer transformation, the Endpoint URL is the URL of the host that you want to access. By default, this takes the URL specified in the WSDL file that is used to create Web Services Consumer transformation. This URL will be specified in the Service section of the WSDL file.

To parameterize that URL instead of the endpoint URL, do the following:

  1. Create a Mapping Variable or parameter like $$URL
  2. Specify the desired endpoint URL as the value of $$URL either as the initial value for Mapping Parameter or in the parameter file used by this mapping.
  3. Edit the Web Services consumer transformation
  4. Go to Web Services Consumer Properties tab.
  5. Remove the default value of the Endpoint URL and replace it with the mapping variable or the parameter that you have created (such as $$URL )
  6. Save the mapping.
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Applies To
Product(s): PowerExchange Adapters
Product Version(s): PowerCenter Connect for Web Services 8.5
Operating System(s):
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:3/17/2009 3:14 AMID:31465
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