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HOW TO: Decode a base 64 encoded string and convert to ASCII using a PowerCenter mapping
A base 64 encoded string can be decoded by using the PowerCenter DEC_BASE64 function in an expression.
The output of the DEC_BASE64 function is a binary value which can then be fed to a Java transformation and translated back to ASCII using standard Java string functions.
The attached workflow contains a sample mapping and workflow (for version 8.6.1)
The mapping decodes the base 64 representation of the string "This is a test string", and translates the decoded output from binary to string format. Any input file can be used to run the session.
The base 64 representation of "This is a test string" is VGhpcyBpcyBhIHRlc3Qgc3RyaW5n. You can use a converter tool such as the one on to get the base 64 representation for any string.
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Product: PowerCenter
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User Type: Administrator
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Product Version: PowerCenter 8.6; PowerCenter 9.x
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Last Modified Date:8/8/2011 2:39 AMID:32298
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