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HOW TO: Avoid reuse of lookup cache by Lookup transformation with the same structure while using persistent cache configuration
When Lookup transformations in a mapping have compatible caching structures, the Integration Service creates a cache file for first lookup and re-uses it for all other lookups by default.  To make sure that no two lookups (with the same structure) share the cache, do not configure the first Lookup transformation in a target load order group to re-cache from source, and configure all the subsequent Lookup transformations to re-cache from source. The Integration Service builds the cache separately when it processes each Lookup transformation.
More Information
If you configure a Lookup transformation to re-cache from source, subsequent Lookup transformations in the target load order group can share the existing cache whether or not you configure them to re-cache from source.

If you configure subsequent Lookup transformations to re-cache from source, the Integration Service shares the cache instead of rebuilding the cache when it processes the subsequent Lookup transformation.

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Last Modified Date:8/10/2011 3:06 AMID:102563
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