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HOW TO: Add a PowerCenter service custom property using the command line

Using the Service Options (-ServiceOptions|-so) option with the infacmd command line can be used to add a custom property to any service in the domain.


To add a custom property to an Integration Service using the command line use the following syntax:

UpdateIntegrationService -dn domain_name -un user_name -pd password -sn integration_service_name -so custom_property_name=custom_property_value


To add the WSExposedWkfFolders custom property to a web services hub service use the following:

infacmd updatewshubservice -dn INFA_DOM -un Administrator -pd Administrator -sn WSH_DEV -so WSExposedWkfFolders=folder1,folder2

More Information

The following infacmd commands can be used in the same way for each type of service:

  • UpdateRepositoryService (Repository Service)
  • UpdateWSHubService (web services hub)
  • UpdateIntegrationService (Integration Service)
  • UpdateReportingService
  • UpdateRTMService
  • UpdateMMService

For details on setting a custom property using the Administration Console refer, HOW TO: Set a PowerCenter service Custom Property (KB 18015)

For details on setting a custom property when creating a service using the command line refer, HOW TO: Set a custom property when creating a PowerCenter Service from the command line (KB 107906)

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