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HOW TO: Use the CSM Filter

The CSM Filter by column feature enables users to filter and limit the configuration data displayed within a long table.

CSM Filter Operators

In order to perform advanced searches, you can use the following filter operators.

 Operators  Description  Type  Example
 <  Values lower than search term are matched  Number  <147450
 <=  Values lower than or equal to search term are matched  Number  <=147450
 >  Values greater than search term are matched  Number  >6094
 >=  Values greater than or equal to search term are matched  Number  >=2929
 =  Exact match search: only whole search term(s) is matched  String/number  =PATH
 *  Data containing search term(s) is matched (default operator)  String/number  *LOG
 !  Data  that doesn’t contain search term(s) is matched  String/number  !usr
 {  Data starting with search term is matched  String/number  {p
 }  Data ending with search term is matched  String/number  }h
 ||  Data containing at least one of the search terms is matched.  String/number || ca-bundle.crt
 &&  Data containing search terms is matched  String/number && ca-bundle.crt

  Multi operators search can also be performed.


&& (AND) operator allowing multi-operator searches  >15 && <27 && !path

|| (OR) operator allowing multi-operator searches  =home || =usr

On the configuration detail page, the CSM Filter has been added to the following menus:

  • Configuration > System > File System Statistics
  • Configuration > System > Patches
  • Configuration > User Environment > Path
  • Configuration > User Environment > Library Path
  • Configuration > User Environment > Environment Variables
  • All the HOME, Bin File List and Lib File List
  • Configuration > PowerCenter > Home
  • Configuration > ODBC >Home
  • Configuration > ODBC >Bin File List
  • Configuration > ODBC >Lib File List
  1. On selecting File System Statistics, a text box will appear in the right frame.
  2. Type the text that you want to search and click Enter.

  3. Highlight search keyword(s) feature: If there are no operators in the search query, search keywords will be highlighted.

  4. Filtering ‘GCS’ text from Path List.

  5. Not Operator (!) example

  6. Multi-operators searching using || (OR Operator)

  7. Pagination feature 200 rows per page

  8. Search text within all columns

  9. Searching text ‘lib’ at Name column of LibFileList

Removing/ Resetting Filters

To remove or reset filters, clear all the text in the text box and click Enter.

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