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HOW TO: Run the CSM Client for IIR

The Configuration Support Manager (CSM) can be used to collect the system, environment and product details of the machine hosting Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR).

Run Instructions

Following are the steps to generate the CSM Client output for IIR.

  1. Download the CSMClient utility from My Support> Support Solutions Center > Debugging Tools > Identity Resolution.
  2. After downloading the utility, extract the file.
  3. FTP the zip file in binary mode to the machine where you need to run the CSM.
  4. Unzip the file into a convenient location.
  5. Give execute permissions to the executable file. (in case of *nix platforms)
  6. In case of Windows use run.bat and for *nix use
  7. Following are the two modes of execution:

    1. Command line options
      ./ iir -rbuser <Rulebase user> -rbpassword <Rulebase password> -rbnum <Rulebase number> -rbsvc <Rulebase service> -SSATOP <IIR home directory>

      When prompted for the Java home directory provide the path to either the JDK bin directory or JRE bin directory

    2. Interactive command line option
      ./ iir
      When prompted for the Java home directory provide the path to either the JDK bin directory or JRE bin directory
      Also provide the necessary inputs as and when required.
  8. The output is an xml file with the following naming csmclientiir<hostname>.xml
  9. Open the xml in a browser(Internet Explorer) to view the formatted output.
  10. If you are assigned to at least one project, Configuration Support Manager link will be displayed in the online support page. Click on the link to launch CSM home page for that project.
  11. If you are assigned to more than one project, the Project ID selection window will be displayed.
  12. Select the desired project and click on Launch Configuration Support Manager. This will launch the CSM Home page for that project.
  13. In the CSM home page, click on Create New Configuration.
  14. On running the CSMClient, the XML configuration file will be generated. Use the browse button to locate and upload the file.
  15. Provide other configuration details such as the Name, Description, and Type.
  16. Click Create Configuration.
A new configuration will be created. Using this new configuration you can now view details such as health checks, alerts, and configurations.


The following are the two syntaxes based on execution:

  1. Running through command line options:
    ./ iir -rbuser <Rulebase user> -rbpassword <Rulebase password> -rbnum <Rulebase number> -rbsvc <Rulebase service> -SSATOP <IIR home directory>
  2. Running through interactive command line option:
    ./ iir
Confirm that you have set the JAVA_HOME in the environment. If not you will be prompted to provide one. It is mandatory to have Java 1.5 or above (JRE or JDK) in the path before running the CSM Client. Otherwise the IIR product information will not be fetched.

Functions Performed

The CSM Client utility gathers the following information:

System (*nix)

  • System Information
  • CPU Information
  • Environment Variables
  • File System
  • Operating System Patches
  • Network Information
  • User Limits
  • Swap Information

System (Windows)

  • Memory Information
  • CPU Information
  • Environment Variables
  • Disk Information
  • Operating System Information
  • Network Configuration

Product (IIR)

  • ODBC Information
  • Bitmode
  • Version
  • License Information
  • License Key
  • Showtime
  • Dumpshr
  • Database List
  • Connection Server
  • Console Server
  • XML Console Server
  • XML Sync Server
  • HTTP Search Server
  • License Server
  • Rulebase Server
  • SSA Name3 Server
  • SSA Name3 Web Service Server
More Information
Applies to all supported platforms.
Applies To
Product: Identity Resolution
Problem Type:
User Type: Administrator; Developer
Project Phase:
Product Version: Identity Resolution 9.0.1
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:9/21/2012 12:01 AMID:123709
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