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HOW TO: Create an Excel data source and import the file into PowerCenter Designer

The Excel file is treated as a table when it is being read through the ODBC Data Source Name (DSN). The ODBC DSN does not recognize the data in the Excel file by default. A name has to be defined using the Define Name functionality in the Excel file so that the name would be treated as a table name using the ODBC drivers.

To import an Excel file in the PowerCenter Designer, do the following:

  1. Open the Excel file and select the contents in the Excel file that needs be read or imported.


  1. Right-click the selected cells and click the Define Name menu that appears. A new dialog box would appear. 


  1. In the new Dialog box (New Name) that appears, specify a name (table name) and then click the Ok button and save the changes. This name will be the table name while you import the file later.



  1. Now create a 32-bit ODBC DSN (Microsoft Excel Driver) pointing to the file that was saved in step 3. Consider that the DSN name created is TEST_EXCEL_DSN.
  2. Open the PowerCenter Designer and connect to the repository. Open a folder and click on the source analyzer section. Click Source > Import from Database option in the menu bar. In the dialog box that appears, select the ODBC Data Source that was created in step 4 and click the connect button.



  1. Select the table that needs to be imported and then click the OK button. You can see the table being imported in the Designer.



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