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HOW TO: Optimally set the Maximum Heap Size for a domain

The following table lists the minimum requirement for the Maximum Heap Size settings, based on the number of users and services in the domain:

Number of Domain Users

Maximum Heap Size (1-5 Services)

Maximum Heap Size (6-10 Services)

1,000 or less

512 MB (default)

1024 MB


2048 MB

3072 MB


3072 MB

5120 MB


5120 MB

6144 MB


5120 MB

6144 MB

The domain has more than 1,000 users, update the Maximum Heap Size based on the number of users in the domain.

On Linux, the following can be done:

  1. Go to the following directory: <INFA_HOME>/tomcat/bin.
  2. Edit file.
  3. Search for the following text "Xmx"
  4. Set the value for -Xmx to the Maximum Heap Size required for the number of Informatica domain users
  5. Save & close the file

 Or, set the Maximum Heap Size using the command line to say 2048m. Following are commands on UNIX:

setenv INFA_JAVA_OPTS -Xmx2048m

or export INFA_JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx2048m

On Windows, registries need to be updated and updates to environment profile or in the infaservice.bat file may not be entertained.

Refer to the KB article:

More Information

The heap size mentioned in the table refers to the amount of memory required by ISP when there are as many users and services (excluding Administrator) in the domain.

This includes memory required by all core services of ISP. The administrator can be ignored because ISP cache contains little information on the Administrator Console service.


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Project Phase: Configure
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