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How To: Configure Reporting and Dashboard Service on an Existing Database User

To configure RDS when Database User for RAD Service is already created, do the following:

  1. Make sure that %INFA_HOME%\java\bin is added in PATH environment variable.
  2. Prepare the file for installation (present under %INFA_HOME%\jasperreports-server\buildomatic).
  3. a.  Edit the and uncomment the following sections and update the information:
    -        Provide Oracle database user for dbUsername and sysUsername.
    -        Database password for dbPassword and sysPassword.
    -        Provide database credentials in dbHost, dbPort, sid.
    -        Provide “ReportingandDashboardsService” for webAppNamePro.


    appServerDir = E:\\Informatica\\9.1.0\\tomcat
    sysUsername= reportingrepo
    sysPassword= password_reportingrepo
    webAppNamePro = ReportingandDashboardsService
    b.   Make sure that there are no other lines uncommented.
    c.   Save the file.
  4. Edit the install.bat and remove the following lines under :oracleInstall (it creates the DB User):
  5. call js-ant create-js-db
    if %errorlevel% NEQ 0 goto end
  6. Stop the Informatica server.
  7. Using command prompt, go to %INFA_HOME%\jasperreports-server\buildomatic and run the following command:
  8. a.      Clean the existing configuration:
    js-ant clean-config
    b.      Run the install script:
    Install.bat Oracle
  9. After successfully installing, ReportingandDashboardsService folder will be created under %INFA_HOME%\services\ ReportingandDashboardsService\
  10. Start the Informatica Server.
  11. Create a Reporting and Dashboard Service and enable it.
  12. To add Reporting Source, select the Reporting and Dashboard Service and go to Actions > Add Reporting Source. Select the MM/PC Repository Service and provide the MM/PC Repository database details.​
More Information

​For UNIX installation, edit the and remove the following lines (Present Under: elif [ "$1" = "Oracle" ]; then):

 ./js-ant create-js-db
 if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
  exit 1

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