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HOW TO: Create and Associate Access Roles to Entity for performing Data Discovery operations on Entity tables in IDV using DSG Data Archive

Informatica Data Vault (IDV), formerly called as File Archive Service (FAS), is a read-only compressed database, that would be used along with ILM Data Archive product for retirement and archive projects.

When a Data Archive user doesn't have access permissions on an Entity, archived into an archive folder in IDV, then that Entity will not be available during Data Discovery operations like Browse Data, Search Data Vault ( also known as Search File Archive in earlier versions ), Manage Retention, Update Retention Policy etc.. on the Archive Folder.
If the Data Archive user, doesn't have access to any of the entities archived into an IDV archive folder, then that Archive Folder Target Connection itself will not be visible to the user in Web UI during Data Discovery operations.
To make the Entity visible during Data Discovery operations, it would be required to create Access role for Entity and associate to Data Archive user.  Typically it involves following steps:
  • Creating User Defined Access Role
  • Associating Entity to User Defined Access Role
  • Assigning User Defined Access Role to Data Archive User

Create User Defined Acess Role

Creating User Defined Access Role is an one-time activity. Access Role can be created to be used for an IDV archive folder. Created Access Role can be associated with all the entities, archived into the corresponding archive folder. This would help to avoid creating access role for each of the Entities, which would be tedious, if number of entities involved is large.
Execute the following steps to create a new access role for the IDV archive folder, if not available earlier:

  • Login to Data Archive Web UI
  • Open 'Administration > Manage Roles' menu in Web UI.
  • Select 'New Access Role' option on the top left of the menu.
  • In the new window, enter the following details, to complete role creation:

Role Name

Name for the Access Role.


As a recommendation, one role  can be created for one archive folder, with its name. For instance, If there is an archive folder of name 'Spyker', we can create a role named 'Spyker_Role'.


Description for the role.


Description provided for the role will be visible while associating  role to Data Archive user. Hence provide a description that will help to easily identify the role.

Valid From

Date from which Access Role will be active.



  • Once all required details are provided, save the changes to complete 'Role creation'


Associate Access Role to Entity

Associating Entity to an access role should be done for every entity, which needs to be visible during Data Discovery operations.  One Entity can be associated with multiple access roles, if required.

Generally Access Roles can be associated to the entity directly in the Archive Project/Retirement Project through which they have been archived into IDV, provided access roles are available at the time running jobs on the entity.
If the access role is not associated with the entity, while scheduing jobs, then execute the following steps for associating an Entity to an Access Role:
  • Login to Data Archive Web UI
  • Open 'Administration > Manage Roles' menu in Web UI.
  • Select 'Assign Access Role to Entity' option on the top left of the menu.
  • In the new window, select the values for following attributes:

Application Version

Select the Name of the Application/Product Family Version (PFV) from the List of Values(LOVs), under which the required Entity resides.

Application Module

Select the Name of the Application Module/Schema under the PFV , containing the entity.

Entity Name

Select the Name of the Entity, which has to be visible during Data Discovery operations

  • On Selecting the Entity, it would display associated roles under the Roles Section. If no roles are associated with the entity, Roles section would be empty.
  • Under the Roles section, select Add Role and select the required access role. Fill the Valid From field with current date and leave the Valid To field blank.


  • Once the Save option is used, selected access role would be associated with the entity.

Assign Access Role to Data Archive User

Once Access Role has been created and associated with the required entity, access role can be assigned to any of the Data Archive users, who is authorized to perform Data Discovery operations in IDV using Entity. Assigning access roles to Data Archive User would be an one-activity and is not required to performed every time, when new entities are added to the access role.

If the Entity Access Role has not been assigned to the Data Archive user earlier, then execute the following steps to assign Access Role to Data Archive user,:

  • Login to Data Archive Web UI
  • Open 'Administration > Manage Users' menu in Web UI.
  • Edit the Data Archive user, who is authorized to use the Entities associated with Access Role for Data Discovery operations. To edit the roles for Data Archive user, editing user must have Security Administrator role or must be Data Archive Admin (amadmin) user.
  • In the Roles, section of the new webpage, Roles associated with the Data Archive user would be displayed.
  • To add the newly created 'Access Role' to the user, click on the 'Add Role' option, available on bottom left of the webpage.

  •  On selecting 'Add Role', a new row would be added. In the newly added row, select the requierd 'Access Role' as value for the 'Role' field.
  • Once required 'Access Role' is selected, save the changes to complete association of 'Access Role' to Data Archive User.

Once the process of 'associating Access Roles with Entities' and 'assigning Access Roles to Data Archive user' are completed, corresponding Data Archive user will be able to view the entity during 'Data Discovery' operations like Search Data Vault, Browse Data, Update Retention Policy etc.. 
More Information

​For more information on Data Discovery issues, see the following Informatica Expert Assistant 

Applies To
Product: Data Archive
Problem Type:
User Type: Business Analyst
Project Phase:
Product Version: Data Archive 6.1; Data Archive 5.3.5; Data Archive for Oracle 5.3.6; Data Archive for Oracle 5.3.7; Data Archive 6.1.1; Data Archive 6.2; Data Archive 6.3; Data Archive 6.4
Operating System: Windows; Linux
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:3/29/2016 11:29 PMID:147136
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