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HOW TO: Configure multiple Potential owners for a Human activity in ActiveVOS workflow

At times the user wants to have a potential owner for one Subject Area and a different potential owner for another Subject Area as they want to view or assign the tasks based on the Roles created in the Hub console.


The following changes are relevant if you are using Subject Area based worklows. If you are using Business Entity based workflows, the list of roles is picked from the Task configuration done from provisioning which is stored as an XML file in C_REPOS_CO_CS_CONFIG. You can configure multiple roles as potential owner for a task from provisioning tool.


To assign multiple Potential owners to one human activity, do the following: 


1) Go to ActiveVOS Designer and open the workflow's .bpel file.


2) Click Human Activity.


3) In the Properties tab, click the Assignment section.


4) Select Override and the click the expression button under the value.


5) Select the Type as Literal and click Generate.


6) The literal is generated as follows: 

<ht:organizationalEntity xmlns:ht=''>
<ht:user>Some User</ht:user>


Edit it as follows:

<ht:organizationalEntity xmlns:ht=''>



7) Click OK and Save the workflow.


8)Validate the workflow so that the corresponding .pdd file also gets in sync.




If any process invokes this workflow and the human activity is invoked then the Potential owners are displayed as Role1 and Role 2 as in the following screenshot:



More Information
Applies To
Product: Active VOS; MDM Multidomain
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Administrator; Developer
Project Phase: Implement; Configure
Product Version: ActiveVOS; MDM
Operating System:
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Last Modified Date:7/15/2020 12:56 AMID:322444
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