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HOW TO: Disable/Enable the Administrator Console process only on the specific node(s)
By default, the Administrator Console process starts up on the master gateway node when the domain is brought up.
There might be a situation where the user wants to enforce the Administrator Console process to be running on other Gateway nodes. Example, Firewall restriction or firewall related issues on a specific node, etc...
It is possible to enforce the Administrator Console process to start up only on the specific node(s) by using commands.
The infacmd executable is present in INFA_HOME/isp/bin.

For illustrative purposes, let us assume that the domain, Domain_Sample, has 3 nodes Node_A, Node_B, and Node_C.
Out of these, let us assume that the Administrator Console process has started up on Node_A, which is the master gateway node as well.
In order to switch the process to run to any other node, the following are the steps:
  1. Disable the service.
    Windows: infacmd.bat isp DisableService -dn <domain_name> -un <Admin_user_name> -pd <Admin_password> -sn _AdminConsole -mo ABORT
    Non Windows: isp DisableService -dn <domain_name> -un <Admin_user_name> -pd <Admin_password> -sn _AdminConsole -mo ABORT
  2. Disable service process on Node_A:
    Windows: infacmd.bat isp DisableServiceProcess -dn <domain_name> -un <Admin_user_name> -pd <Admin_password> -sn _AdminConsole -nn Node_A -mo ABORT
    Non Widnows: isp DisableServiceProcess -dn <domain_name> -un <Admin_user_name> -pd <Admin_password> -sn _AdminConsole -nn Node_A -mo ABORT
  3. Enable the service.
    Windows: infacmd.bat isp EnableService -dn <domain_name> -un <Admin_user_name> -pd <Admin_password> -sn _AdminConsole
    Non Windows: isp EnableService -dn <domain_name> -un <Admin_user_name> -pd <Admin_password> -sn _AdminConsole
Once the service starts, it should start up on either Node_B or Node_C.
Hence, using infacmd commands, the node on which the service runs can be dictated.

The above infacmd commands can be run in any of the 3 nodes and are not node-specific.
More Information
More information on this can be found in the following:
Help > Contents drop-down menu in any of the PowerCenter client tools and navigating to Contents > Command Reference > infacmd isp Command Reference.
Or you can refer to the command reference guide pdf for your version.
Applies To
Product: PowerCenter; Data Engineering Integration(Big Data Management); Data Quality
Problem Type: Configuration; Installation
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:9/4/2019 11:45 PMID:505922
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