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HOW TO: Stop records with an "Undecided" match status from appearing in the result set in MDM Relate 360
In a population used within Master Data Management (MDM) Relate 360, for each Purpose defined, there is an Accept threshold value and a Reject threshold value. If the record scores on or above the Accept threshold value when matched against another record, it is marked as Accept, and if it scores below the Reject threshold, it is marked as Reject. However, if the match score falls between these two values, then it is marked as Undecided.
To stop Undecided matches from displaying in the result set, you can set the scoreThreshold value in the input JSON record to the Accept threshold value. The scoreThreshold value sets the minimum value for the match scores that will be displayed in the search results. Any record that scores beneath this threshold value will not be displayed in the results, even if it has been marked as an accepted record.
This affects only those records that are displayed; it does not stop records from being scored. Therefore, performance improvement cannot be expected with the use of this feature.
More Information
To set the Accept limit directly in Relate 360, that is, not through the population, use the Threshold tag within the MatchConfiguration tag within the base configuration or matching rules files. This tag sets the minimum score that SSA-NAME3 (the internal search and match engine within Relate 360) requires to consider the record as a matching candidate.
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Last Modified Date:9/2/2019 10:18 PMID:508662
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