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HOW TO: Install ActiveVOS with MDM 10.1 and above versions
To install ActiveVOS with Master Data Management (MDM) 10.1 and above versions, do as follows:
  1. Check if you have activevos.lic file under the hub/server/license folder. If you do not, run the MDM installer with a dummy Hub Server location by selecting Yes for ActiveVOS. In the end, select No for auto deploy/postinstallsetup. Now, go to the dummy Hub Server/license folder and move activevos.lic to your actual hub/server/license folder.
  2. Ensure to set correct values for the following properties in the file:
    # ActiveVOS settings
    sip.appserver.web.url=http://<host name>:<port>
    activevos.deploy.url=http://<host name>:<port>/active-bpel/services/ActiveBpelDeployBPR
    activevos.mdm.sif.url=http://<host name>:<port>/cmx/services/SifService
    activevos.mdm.cs.url=http://<host name>:<port>/cmx/services/BEServices
    activevos.mdm.urn.mapping.url=http://<host name>:<port>/active-bpel/services/soap12/AeURNManagement​
  3. Create an ActiveVOS Console user and ActiveVOS schema if not yet done according to the Installation Guide.
  4. Run the command according to KB 498579. In step 4, sometimes you might notice that the ActiveVOS ear is not deployed due to which the build fails. If you notice this, do as follows: (if step 4 does not fail and runs successfully, then do only Identity Service setup as shown below):
    1. Restart the application server.
    2. Ensure if you are using an ActiveVOS user in the Hub Console under the Workflow Manager who has been assigned three roles: 
      • abTaskClient
      • abServiceConsumer
      • abTrust
    3. Ensure URN mapping is set up properly in the ActiveVOS Console under Admin > URN Mapping:
      For Subject Area based ActiveVOS, ensure that you have the following:
      http://<host name>:<port>/cmx/services/SifService
      For Business Entity based ActiveVOS, you need to have the following:
      http://<host name>:<port>/cmx/services/BEServices​
    4. In the ActiveVOS Console, go to Admin > Identity Service. Ensure that MDM is the Identity Service provider. Use the MDM Admin password. DO NOT use the avosadmin password for this. Test Users that are assigned to Secure Access Manager (SAM) settings in MDM to test the connection.​​
More Information
To use Administration functions of AVOS workflows, create an admin user in the application server with the role as below:
  • abAdmin

Applies To
Product: MDM Multidomain; Active VOS
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:5/18/2020 4:34 AMID:511319
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