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HOW TO: Setup Secure Agent when proxy is used
When installing Informatica Cloud Secure Agent, it is important to guarantee that if proxy settings will be used, it will be required to configure the proxy settings in the Secure Agent prior to register it as a new runtime environment. Otherwise, the Process-Server will not start up as it does not have an .ini file and so this information is depended on agent for the proxy settings details. 

The step-by-step required to configure the proxy settings is the following:
 1.  After finishing the Informatica Secure Agent...
 2.  Navigate to <Informatica Cloud Secure Agent>\apps\agentcore and via command prompt run: consoleAgentManager.bat configureProxy <proxy IP> <port> <ProxyUser> <ProxyPassword>
 3. Stop and Start the Informatica Secure Agent via Services (Opened using Run as Administrator)
 4. As soon as the Agent  comes up, a popup will be displayed asking to register the new Secure Agent. Now, as the proxy settings were defined, please register it as new Runtime Event using the Org owner.
More Information
​If you do not follow the steps above, the Process-Server never comes up, only Data Integration gets started.
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Product: Cloud Data Integration
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User Type: Administrator
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Last Modified Date:5/10/2017 11:34 PMID:512361
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