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HOW TO: Enable the Operating System Profiles in IDQ for a Data Integration Service
Operating System (OS) Profiles are used by the Data Integration Service (DIS) to run the mappings/profiles with an additional level of security and to isolate the run time environment for the Users.

By default, the DIS runs all the jobs, mappings, workflows using the permissions of the OS user that starts the Informatica Services.
To Enable the OS Profiles for the DIS, follow the below steps:
  1. Go to Informatica Admin Console -> Manage -> Services and nodes -> Data Integration Service->Execution Options
  2. Set the Property Use Operating System profiles and impersonation to trueOSProfiles.png
  3. Modify below at informatica server
    • $ chown <adminuser>:<informaticagroup> $INFA_HOME/services/shared/bin/pmsuid
    • Example
      • Administrator User is "root"; Informatica Server started by user: "infaabc", my OS profile user is "infaos"
        • [root@informatica ~]# id infaabc
        • uid=9020(infaabc) gid=1020(infaadm) groups=1020(infaadm)
        • [root@informatica ~]# id infaos
        • uid=9021(infaos) gid=9021(infaos) groups=1020(infaadm),9021(infaos)
      • Before making changes on pmsuid: 
        • [root@informatica ~]# ls -ltrh /user/infaabc/10.2.1/services/shared/bin/pmsuid
        • -rwxr-xr-x 1 infaabc infaadm 11K Dec  4 20:42 /user/infaabc/10.2.1/services/shared/bin/pmsuid
      • Modify the ownership and permissions:
        • [root@informatica ~]# chown root:infaadm /user/infaabc/10.2.1/services/shared/bin/pmsuid
        • [root@informatica ~]# chmod +s /user/infaabc/10.2.1/services/shared/bin/pmsuid
        • [root@informatica ~]# ls -ltrh /user/infaabc/10.2.1/services/shared/bin/pmsuid
        • -rwsr-sr-x 1 root infaadm 11K Dec  4 20:42 /user/infaabc/10.2.1/services/shared/bin/pmsuid
  4. Make sure $INFA_HOME is accessiable by OS profile users. Or below exception will be reported when running jobs.
    • "[SecureFileAccess_1005] Internal error. An unknown error occurred while launching the process. Process returned [5]. "
  5. Recycle DIS.
  6. Create an OS profile from Admin Console -> Security -> Operating System Profiles. 
  7. Once the OS profile is created, make sure the below highlighted directory is created on Informatica Server and accessible by OS profile user. Also please create subfolders under disLogs, such as ms, profiling etc. 
    • Document link to create OS profiles: click here, or
  8. For Hadoop impersonation, see KB 561734 for impersonation issues.​
More Information
​​It is important to recycle the DIS in order to ensure that the changes have been reflected at the DIS level after enabling the property.
Applies To
Product: Data Quality
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Product Version: Data Quality 10.1
Operating System:
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Last Modified Date:1/9/2019 9:44 PMID:516671
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