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HOW TO: Count number of pmdtm (session) processes running when Informatica server is on Windows
Count number of pmdtm processes running on a machine

tasklist | find "pmdtm.exe" /c

Count number of sessions running under a particular Integration Service

wmic process where ParentProcessId​=<pmserver_PID> get ProcessId, Caption | find "pmdtm.exe" /c

List PID and full command line of all pmdtm processes running on a machine

wmic /OUTPUT:"C:\ProcessList.txt" process where caption="pmdtm.exe" get CommandLine, ProcessId /FORMAT:list​

The output file "ProcessList.txt" will be written to C:\ drive.
More Information
Applies To
Product: PowerCenter
Problem Type: Performance; Sizing
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Onboard; Optimize
Product Version:
Operating System: Windows
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:7/6/2020 4:26 AMID:518673
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