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HOW TO: Upload DQ scores to Axon using Rest API

In Axon Data Governance, to upload the Data Quality (DQ) scores, ensure that you have installed a Rest API client like the Postman or Advanced rest client.
In this instance, uploading DQ scores using the Postman rest client has been explained. After the installation, do as follows:

1. Choose the request as a POST, and ensure that the Authorization is set to No Auth and URL is as follows:


Refer to the following screenshot:

2. Remove all the content in the header field.
3. Add to the Body as shown in the following screenshot which has a username and password, and then click on send request. You will see the token in the response body. Copy the same.

4. Now, make another POST request to update the DQ score.
5. Provide the URL as http://host/api/v1/dqscorereport
6. Go to the header tab, and add the headers as follows:

And for authorization, provide the token which you got in step 3 prefixed with Bearer.
7. Provide the following entry in the body of the post request:

{"data" : [{

Identity is the Ref as created in Axon. Ensure that you provide the Ref and not Name.

8. Once the send request is given, you can see the following response as 204:

9. Once updates, check in Axon. The value is updated for the last row with the row count. Refer to the following screenshot:

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