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Isolation tool for Amazon AWS S3 tool : command line tool - Informatica Cloud

This intuitive tool helps to test basic features such as connectivity to AWS console and S3 bucket, permissions on the bucket etc.

It is recommended to run the tool from the same server where the Informatica Cloud secure agent is installed. This tool helps to isolate the issue outside Informatica (cloud) connectivity in order to get to the root cause.

This is extended and enhanced version of the tool for those who do not have jar utility to build the properties file along with additional tracing and stack logging

Command & output

Option 1:

java -jar awss3.jar

ERROR StatusLogger No log4j2 configuration file found. Using default configuration: logging only errors to the console.

Enter the options 1, 2, 3 

 1. Get the Bucket Policy and Metadata of the object 

 2. Uploading the file 

 3. For Downloading an object 

 4. Create a bucket(test naming conventions)


The bucket exists

The owner of the bucket is S3Owner


Download the awss3.jar &  from  below location and Edit the contents as per customer details:

Note: For Downloading an object valid bucket name and File name should be provided in the properties file

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