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HOW TO: Configure email option in Axon
Perform the following steps to configure the email option in Axon Data Governance:

1. Ensure Axon user has Super Admin profile to perform this task.
2. After logging to Axon, open Admin Panel, refer the following screenshot:


3. In Admin Panel, under the Customize & Configure category : click Configure Axon.

4. In Group drop down, select Email Options and then edit.

Prior 6.2 Version:

From Axon  6.2 version: 


5. Configure the following properties and save.

Mailer Transport - Email protocol
Mailer Host - Your email host address
Mailer User Name - Your email user name
Mailer Password - Your email password
Mailer Port - Email server port
Disable Email Delivery - Select the check box to disable email delivery to Axon users

For instance, configure the properties as follows:



6. Cleanup 

Prior Axon 6.0 , do the following : 

a. Login to Axon installation machine and run the following command to clean up the Axon cache contents.
rm -rf <Axon_Installation_Directory>/axonhome/axon/app/cache/*
b. Run the following commands to restart memcached service and httpd service.

memcached > sh <Axon_Installation_Directory>/axonhome/third-party-app/scripts/memcached restart
httpd > service httpd restart

7. Email Job Configuration : 
From Axon 6.0 : 

a. Login to Axon installation machine and run the following command to clean up the Axon cache contents 
Go to <AXON_INST>/axonhome/axon/app , execute 'sh paramsync' 

8. Prior to Axon 6.0 version: 

a. Go to the following location: <INSTALLATION_DIR> and create a new file with the name

b. Add the following code to the file: 
php <INSTALLATION_DIR>/axonhome/axon/app/console diaku:process-notifications --timeframe=<specify the email frequency> --env=prod

c. Open the .jobber file available in the <user_home_directory> location. If you have logged in as a sudo user, you must first copy the .jobber file from the /root location to the /<sudo_user_home_directory> location.

d. Configure the following properties in the .jobber file and save the changes.

name - Notification job name
time - Specify the email schedule. The six asterisks * * * * * * represent <second> <minute> <hour> <date> <month> <day_of_the_week>.
onError - Enter Stop

e. If you make changes to the .jobber file, you must reload the Jobber schedule settings. Run the following command to reload the settings:
<INSTALLATION_DIR>/axonhome/third-party-app/jobber/bin/jobber reload
To send periodic email notifications to the Axon user, the Jobber utility runs the file that you created. You must have write permission in the <INSTALLATION_DIR> directory for the Jobber utility to run the file.

From Axon 6.0 version :​ By default the Axon cron job file will be created and will be used for the email frequency. The File will be present in the <AXON_INST>/axonhome/axon_scheduler​ . 

8. Configure the User for Email Frequency : 

Once the above steps are done, user who enables Email Frequency will receive the email based on the frequency enabled.​ 

Login to the Axon GUI > Select User > My Account:

People > Activity Stream section in Edit Mode , choose the frequency and save the changes​ :


More Information
Applies To
Product: Axon Data Governance
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Administrator; Architect
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version: Axon 5.2; Axon 5.4; Axon 6.0; Axon 6.1; Axon 6.2; Axon 6.3; Axon 7.0
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:6/3/2020 2:45 AMID:527803
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