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HOW TO: Apply new license in PIM Server
As a part of the Product Information Management (PIM) server license files, one should get license file, custKey file.

To apply for a new license on the PIM server, do as follows:

1.Open (available in server/configuration/HPM directory) in the text editor and edit the file.
2. Point the property license.customer.file.local to the new license file one has received. Ensure to provide .LICENSE as the extension.
3. Open CustKey file in text editor, copy the new Customer Key and paste the value for the property license.customer.key 


             license.customer.file.local = E:/P_360/pim_licensefile.LICENSE
             license.customer.key = XECVzvgmm=
4.Save the file and restart the server.
More Information
Note that the approach defined here is how to apply and modify the license on the PIM server directly.
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Product: Product 360(Media Manager)
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Last Modified Date:1/30/2019 7:57 AMID:531111
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