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HOW TO: Customize date and time display format in Axon
Only Super Admins can perform this task.
  1. From the Axon toolbar, click the Admin Panel menu item under your user name.
  2. In the menu on the left, under the Customize & Configure category, click Configure Axon.
  3. In the Group drop-down, select Localization.
  4. Click Edit, and configure the following properties:
    1. In the Date field, enter the format to display the date in the Axon interface.
    2. In the Date Time field, enter the format to display the date and time in the Axon interface.
  5. Click Save.
  6. In the Linux environment, run the following command to clear the contents of the cache directory:
    rm -rf <INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/axonhome/axon/app/cache/*
  7. Go to the <INSTALLATION_DIR>/axonhome/third-party-app/scripts directory, and run the following commands to restart the Memcached and HTTPD services:
    sh memcached restart
    sh httpd restart

PHP Date and Time Formats

You must enter a format that conforms to standard PHP conventions. The following table lists the most common date and time formats that you can enter:

Format to Display Format to Enter
Month in full text F
Month in short text M
Month in number m
Date in number d
Day in full text l
Day in short text D
Year in 4 digits Y
Year in 2 digits y
Hour in 12-hour format g
Hour in 24-hour format G
Minutes i
Seconds s
Ante meridiem and post meridiem in lower case a
Ante meridiem and post meridiem in upper case A
The following table lists some examples:
To Display Enter
06-20-18 m-d-y
20-June-2018 Wednesday d-F-Y l
Jun/20/18 M/d/y
06-20-18 2:35 PM m-d-y g:i A
20-June-2018 Wednesday 14:35:28 d-F-Y l H:i:s
More Information
Applies To
Product: Axon Data Governance
Problem Type: Connectivity
User Type: Administrator; Architect
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version: Axon 5.3; Axon 6.3; Axon 7.0
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:6/7/2020 10:09 PMID:533423
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