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HOW TO: Get email or email and RTAM both in PMPC

In PMPC console (as shown in the following image) Default Notification determines which of the three rules: PC_S1 RTAM NotificationPC_S2 Email NotificationPC_S8 RTAM, and Email Notification are going to be used to send out alerts. Even though all three may be in DEPLOYED state, only one of these rules is in effect at any one time, as determined by this setting. The default setting is RTAM so out of the box, alerts will be sent only to RTAM recipients.

The Default Notification setting relates to the three rules as set out below:
          [Default Notification] => [Rule in effect].
RTAM => PC_S1 RTAM Notification. Sends alerts only to Users the RTAM column (NOTE: this is the default setting).
Email => PC_S2 Email Notification. Sends alerts only to email addreses in the Email column
Both  => PC_S8 RTAM and Email Notification. Sends alerts to recipients in both Email and RTAM columns.
This means in addition to the rule(s) you are interested in using, one of these rules must also be in the DEPLOYED state for alerts to be sent. 
The alert recipients are taken from the Email and RTAM columns in the image below. Only the recipient can see the alerts addressed to them.​​​
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Product Version: Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Operations and PowerCenter Governance 3.0
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Last Modified Date:2/11/2019 1:07 AMID:534402
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